Learning Fun

Children need personalised ways to learn the many interesting things we want to pass on to them. They desire challenge, excitement, and real-life learning. The “LAF ‘N’ LERN” program and other materials included here puts into your hands a key to unlock a gateway to a fun, tailor-made, and inexpensive educational program for teaching your children. You will be laughing and loving it! Say good bye to dry ’n’ boring “school time.” Learning is a thrill! Let’s live, laugh, love and learn with our children!

Bible Lesson Activity Pages

Colourful and fun learning pages that go along with “Beautiful Bible Treasures Lessons” for levels A, B, C. Of course, the less seat work and paper work young children do, the better; but at times children who have a good balanced life with plenty of active learning, may enjoy some activity/learning pages that add variety…

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Little Bible Treasures–Easy Readers

Colourful illustrations combined with large, simple text make up this 40-booklet series of “Easy Reader”. Great for reading to young children, and make wholesome and interesting reading practice for beginners. The art and stories have been selected from the “Little Bible Treasures” series. LBT-Easy Reader_sample

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Secret Blocks Writing Pages

Easy-to-write coloured and illustrated writing practice sheets, using the verses in “Secret Blocks” as the backbone. The children can learn to write in pleasant ways, while reviewing simple and appropriate Bible verses at the same time. For each booklet of “Secret Blocks” Bible verses, there are three levels of writing pages: (1) Trace the Letter…

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Secret Blocks

Short Bible verses, illustrated with attractive coloured photographs, for easy memorization. Each topical booklet has 8 memory verses. (15cm x 15cm in size.) There are also easy and colourful writing practice sheets available on this site, for those learning to write. (See “Secret Blocks Writing Pages”.) Secret Blocks-Sample

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