Secret Blocks Writing Pages

Secret Blocks Writing Pages

Easy-to-write coloured and illustrated writing practice sheets, using the verses in “Secret Blocks” as the backbone. The children can learn to write in pleasant ways, while reviewing simple and appropriate Bible verses at the same time. For each booklet of “Secret Blocks” Bible verses, there are three levels of writing pages:

(1) Trace the Letter
(2) Trace the Word
(3) Copy the Verse

The guide lines for forming the words and letters are colour-coded—explained in the files. To make learning to write even easier, the letters in the first two levels are marked clearly where to start. Traffic light colours are used for the “Trace the Letter” pages, showing where to start, where to go next, and where to stop. A star is used to show where to start the letters of each word in the “Trace the Word” level.

I think you’ll find this method of writing practice both helpful and inspiring.

(Note: Fine pencil work should be minimal in a young child’s day, just sprinkled moderately throughout a healthy plan of varied learning methods, including plenty of full-body movement, outdoor play, reading good books to the children, as well as eye-and-hand coordination activities.)

(Each file contains one writing practice page per verse in the corresponding Secret Blocks verse booklet.)