Nurture - Inspire - Teach

Nurture – Inspire – Teach

Life-enriching, heart-nourishing, character-building, inspirational material for children, teens and adults!

Imagine trekking through snow with your children in search of warmth and nourishment as you face the biting wind. With joy you then notice an inviting log cabin. When you enter you are delighted! There is a buffet of delicious food and drinks, a fire to warm your cold feet, and rooms to rest in.

Welcome! My family and I are taking the same journey through life, and with the help of friends worked to build this place for you. Here can find thousands of pages of newly created inspirational material for children, teens and adults! When everything is put on here there will be enough to enjoy something new every day for years!

You’ll find stories for children, courage-strengthening books for adults, illustrated and fun Bible lessons, materials for home education, thrilling true stories for teens, interesting character-building classes, devotional material for your family to enjoy, and much more! Come in and be refreshed!


1.) Material is to be used for the good of children, teens, and adults. Care is to be taken to ensure the reading material is presented appropriately according to maturity, emotional development, and for the benefit of the readers.

2.) Files may be printed out for personal use and family reading, or for larger groups (such as orphanages and under privileged) and given free of cost to the recipients.

3.) Material on remains the property of the site founder and its contributors. Anyone wishing to use the material for profit must receive written permission and negotiate a legal agreement with the site founder or the appropriate material contributors; this will include a fee of 10% of all sales to NIT. Selling prices must not exceed 10 times the original cost on the NIT site, at most., its founder and contributing members retain rights to the material therein.

*All profits of the website sales are used in some way to produce quality material for children, teens and adults, both online as well as in printed form. Thank you for visiting, and contributing to the nurturing, inspiration, and teaching of children worldwide.

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