Helpful Hints--Book 1

Helpful Hints–Book 1

A power-packed, two-book set; an easy to understand and put-into-effect book that in a concise way covers 50 topics on polite manners, good care of self and health, coping with feelings and thoughts, developing good behaviour and character traits, and more. The books contain practical advice and steps to take to be an example of a pleasant, well-mannered and responsible person. Illustrated with photos both related to the topic being presented as well as beautiful flowers of all types. Though made with children in mind, as a way to make it easy to know what to focus on while training them in their younger years, it’s good for all ages! It brings all those vague traits and seemingly endless lists of good habits and mannerisms that are hard to remember, into an easy-to-learn-and-do book. If we all just lived and taught our children what is articulated simply in these books, the world would see a Heaven of a difference.