New Methods & Materials

There are about as many ways to teach children the important skills and mental tools needed for navigating through life as there are children! I have developed new and successful ways of teaching my children subjects such as math, reading and writing, and have explored many new approaches to use during times of learning. My methods are concept-instilling and lively, in real-learning ways.

I chose to tailor-make the educational experience to fit the needs of each child, while keeping it cost-effective. I hope that some of what is presented here will give you renewed energy, bring joy to your times of teaching, and suit the needs of your children. A good rule of thumb to follow: if your ways of teaching and the materials you’re using allow your children to develop into who and what they were created to be, then it is on target.)

Learning about Earth

A booklet series that shows the maps of the world, simple geography, and basic features of our Earth. Great for classes, review, and facts at your finger tips.

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Gift of Reading–Easy Readers

A 20 booklet series, with accompanying flashcards, aiming to teach reading of the 100 most used words in English, in a very easy, pleasant, new-style way. (These could pair up with Gift of Reading 201 booklets 161-180.)

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Life ‘n’ Living Booklets

These booklets illustrated with photos and enjoyable text are a cheery teaching aid for exploring and discussing topics of science, social studies and learning about the word around us, in a pleasant way. Appropriate for a wide range of ages. Aimed to be a series of 200 booklets covering 100 topics. (Usually 12 pages per…

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The G.R.A.S.P. series gives ideas, information, and real life accounts—with photos– for fun learning times with your children on practical living skills, activities, active games and more. G.R.A.S.P. stands for: Games-Recreation-Activities-Skills-Practical Living. A well-rounded educational programme will include these as essential learning topics to experience. (Usually 8-12 pages per booklet, A5 size) (Only a portion…

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Gift of Math

The Gift of Math teaches numeracy concepts in colourfully illustrated and easy-to-grasp ways. (Usually 8-12 pages per booklet, A5 size) (The first 100 booklets currently posted. The rest of the series is still in the works.)

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Gift of Language

The Gift of Language teaches language arts concepts in colourfully illustrated and easy-to-grasp ways. (Usually 12 pages per booklet, A5 size) (Only a portion are currently posted. The rest of the series is still in the works.)  GOL201-001_verbs1.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-002_verbs2.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-003_verbs3.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-004_verbs4.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-005_verbs5.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-006_nouns1.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-007_nouns2.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-008_nouns3.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-009_nouns4.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-010_nouns5.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-011_adjectives1.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-012_adjectives2.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-013_Comparisons.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-014_adverbs.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-015_articles.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-016_prepositions.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-017_pronouns.pdf – $0.10  GOL201-018_conjunctions.pdf – $0.10…

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Life ‘n’ Living books–Easy Readers

This series of 40 “Life ‘n’ Living books—Easy Readers” booklets uses large text and attractive photos to illustrate educational topics related to social studies and science, on a young child’s level. They are fun-learning for younger children and make interesting reading practice for beginners. There are 5 headings “I can/ I have/ I like/ I…

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Gift of Reading 201 (Booklets 001-100)

“Gift of Reading 201” is an easy, picture-filled course for teaching phonetic reading, with 200 booklets in the set. Starting with the “a” in astronaut, the program works through a wide spectrum of sounds, blends, phonetic blends, silent letters and more, introduced one step at a time. By the end of the program, after going…

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Gift of Reading 201 (Booklets 101-200)

The second half of the booklets in the “Gift of Reading 201” programme.

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